Filebird – Image Management

FileBird is a WordPress plugin that helps you manage your media files in a more organized and efficient way. It allows you to create folders and subfolders to better organize your media library, making it easier to find and manage your files.

It adds a new section to your WordPress dashboard called “Media Folders”. From here, you can create new folders, rename them, and move files between them using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

FileBird works by creating virtual folders for your media files without actually changing the physical location of the files on your server. This means that the plugin does not affect your website’s performance or file structure in any way.

When you upload a new file to WordPress, it will appear in the “Unorganized Files” folder by default. You can then use FileBird to move the file to a new folder or create a new folder for it. You can also organize your existing media library by creating new folders and moving files into them.

In addition to organizing your media files, FileBird also includes some useful features like the ability to quickly search for files, filter them by type or date, and add custom icons to your folders for better visual organization.