Why You Shouldn’t Try And Build Your Own Website

Having a successful website is integral to the success of nearly every business. Setting it up correctly so that everything works just as it should, with all the key fundamentals in place is now essential.

So, it really amazes us just how many people have a go at building their own website, when they have no real experience or skills to do so. It is a false saving and could set your online business back years.

You Wouldn’t Operate On Your Own Knee Would You?

A top surgeon only becomes a “specialist” once he’s performed the same operation hundreds of times. The chances of a business setting up a website “first time” with all the key fundamentals in place are pretty similar to you contemplating operating on your own knee! You could be on crutches for life! And even if you do struggle through the entire process, it will have incurred far more time than envisaged and will never work as effectively as it should.

Imagine two people who have never played golf before. They challenge each other to a match in a month’s time. One of them doesn’t have any tuition and just goes and hits some balls. The other spends the month being taught some fundamentals by a professional, and regularly hitting balls under his watchful eye. Who is going to win?

We build, host and manage hundreds of websites and results show that ours perform better than those self built by a business trying to save what amounts to a few hundred pounds! Our sites are responsive and mobile friendly, and work seamlessly across all types of device. They are cheaper to run, whilst being more reliable. They are easier to manage. They attract more visitors, enquiries and sales. They reduce admin time, printing and postage costs. They improve overall efficiency. Our clients are “happy” and self sufficient. They all notice a difference within weeks – and sometimes within a few days.

The modern way of creating, hosting, managing and marketing a successful website makes the entire process more time efficient and straightforward. There are a few easy to implement key fundamentals that need to be in place, but if you adhere to them, you should easily be able to achieve your key objectives.

We save you money by making the entire set up and ongoing management process more efficient. We don’t cut any corners, but we do trim out all the irrelevant stuff, and concentrate on what’s important. It’s results that matter.

What Matters To YOU?

1) Raising your profile. Your site being easily found with relevant searches via Google and other engines.
2) Your website being responsive and mobile friendly so that it works across all devices.
3) Your website being professionally presented, easy to navigate and containing well written content with a strong call to action.
4) Your website being managed on a reliable, robust platform with all maintenance, security upgrades and new feature integration managed for you.
5) Being able to add pages and content and generally being update your own website easily.
6) The web platform giving you EVERYTHING you need (including e-commerce, intranet, unlimited pages, users, products and data storage etc) for a low fixed monthly (or annual) price.
7) Being self sufficient but with ongoing access to knowledgeable support who provides advice, practical help and additional training as required.
8) Understanding what you are doing and WHY you need to do it.
9) More people visiting your website, more enquiries, more sales.

Do you think you can achieve all that yourself? Or would you like someone to set it all up for you, and train and monitor you at your own pace so you can be as self sufficient as you want to be?

It makes far more sense to employ someone to build your website for you. It will save you money (honestly!) and mean everything is set up from a rock solid foundation that you can continue to build on.

Having established that it’s a good idea to get someone to build your site for you, this is why you should choose us!

What If I Already Have A Website?

It doesn’t matter. In fact, in many cases it’s helpful and keeps your costs down as we can adapt the current design and make it responsive, base the new site on the current navigation structure (albeit it with modifications and improvements) and migrate the content from the current site to the new one. We can concentrate on implementing the things that do matter.