Cookie Control

We recommend integrating a GDPR compliant Cookie Control into your website to provide a universal solution for cookie compliance, updated to meet GDPR requirements.

Our Cookie Control costs £39 plus VAT per year and is unobtrusive and provides an easy mechanism for controlling user consent and the use of cookies,with clear information on how their behaviour is to be tracked, and offers simple, intuitive controls for explicitly granting, and revoking consent.

It is used by thousands of organisations, is easy to install/integrate in your website and works as as a standalone JavaScript Module, with no third party dependencies to ensure continued smooth running.

Key Features

GDPR Compliance
GDPR empowers EU users and helps protect their online data. Cookie Control offers a simple solution to GDPR compliance.

No two sites are the same. Cookie Control allows us to easily configure your GDPR compliance solution in a way that fits your needs best.

Completely restyle Cookie Control with your own branding, helping it to fit seamlessly with your website’s overall appearance.

With community and personal one-to-one support available, help is always at hand if you need guidance.

Detect where your users are based, and choose whether or not to show notifications to those outside the EU.

Detect your user’s preferred language, and offer localised text to both locales and languages.

Explicit Consent Model
Cookie Control aims to prevent cookies from being placed on a user’s computer until they have given their explicit consent via an affirmative act. With a recognisable, ever present icon, user’s can easily manage thier consent at any time.

Customisable Cookie Categories
Keep your users informed about the types of cookies your site uses and be inline with GDPR requirements. With Cookie Control you can customise your cookie categories and ensure your users can always make an informed decision.

Third Party Opt Out Support
In some cases, third party plugins will use their own domain to add cookies. That is not a problem with Cookie Control, as our solution will keep your users informed and provide the means to control even these third party cookies.