Helping Small and Medium Sized Businesses

To perform at their full potential online by having a great website, effective marketing, professional email and secure backup.

What We Do

We specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses to set up a new website or restructure an existing one that is not performing to its full potential.

We trim out all the irrelevant stuff, and focus on the key fundamentals that do matter, and which make a website successful.

First impressions are vital in building customer confidence. Your website has to look good and work easily across every type of browser and device. It has to be easy to navigate and contain up to date information that makes the customer want to "buy". It also has to be found via search engines using key words that people actually use, as traffic to your web site is your business's life blood. 

We realise that you need help and support "on tap" by phone and email from people who understand your business and can help you to deliver results by getting more visitors to your website, turning more of these visitors into enquiries and sales, reducing admin time, and generally making your business more efficient.

We can either show you how to manage and update your own content and marketing campaigns, or can manage all of this for you.

You can either read through our extensive website - or watch some of our videos - for more information about our services, or call us for a no obligation chat about your website and what you are looking to achieve on 01526 352919.

The Key Fundamentals To Establishing A Successful Website

1) You need to own your own domain name and use the email addresses associated with your domain.
2) You need a responsive, mobile friendly website - this is essential with over half the world's internet users browsing via mobile devices.
3) You need to host it on a reliable, centrally maintained cloud hosted web platform so that all upgrades and new feature integration are handled for you.
4) You need an easy to use content management system so you can either update it yourself or utilise us in a time efficient manner to manage it for you.
5) Your overall design needs to be uncluttered and easy to navigate, with well written, neatly presented and strong calls to action. And, if possible, content should be updated on a regular basis.
6) Your pages need to be properly optimised for Google and other search engines.
7) You need access to ongoing support and training on a bureau style basis from experienced people who understand your business.
8) You need an SSL Certificate so that visitors to your website can trust it as being safe and secure.
9) Your website needs to be GDPR compliant.

Support and Training

We pride ourselves on our support. We use reliable technology for our hosting platforms to ensure that your email and web site are always operational, and support this with ongoing help and assistance over the phone and by email as required. We also provide a website editing and marketing service on a "pay as you go" basis.

Our website is written in non technical plain English, and covers every aspect of establishing, marketing and managing a successful website. Our knowledgebase has developed over many years and is designed to answer any questions you have, and enables you to be as self sufficient as you want to be.

"We trim out all the irrelevant stuff, and focus on the key fundamentals that do matter, and which make a website successful."

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Video Presentations and Adverts

Video presentations on your website and Youtube (now the second most visited search engine after Google) have real impact and new technology makes them affordable for even the smallest business. Watch our intro below or visit our videos section for more information.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

If your website does not have an SSL Certificate (ie is starts with https) or a GDPR compliant cookie control, click here for more info on what it means to your business & your website.