Welcome to Independent Web Marketing

We specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses to set up a new website or restructure an existing one that is not performing to its full potential.

We keep costs down by trimming out all the irrelevant stuff, and focusing on the key fundamentals that do matter, and which make a website successful.

Perhaps the most important thing we do is to take the time and trouble to look at your site through the eyes of a potential customer. Ultimately it is about generating sufficient customer confidence for them to not have a reason to look at a competitor’s site.

In simple terms, we design and build websites. We host them. We get them indexed and highly ranked by search engines. We help you to manage your content. And, we provide ongoing support whenever you need it.

Coronavirus Information

Our team all work remotely from our homes, and all our platforms are cloud hosted and continue to work normally.

Wherever you are, we hope you’re staying safe”

We Understand ……

We understand that you’ve probably already spent money developing an existing website with a different provider, recognise that it is not performing for you and know you need to do “something”, but don’t want to spend a lot more getting it fixed.

We also understand that you aren’t – and don’t want to be – that “technical”. You just want someone to explain what you need to do, why you need to do it, and then to get on and do it for you.

We also understand that you want access to objective advice, practical help and ongoing support “on tap” whenever you need it in the future. Basically you want access to people who understand what you are trying to achieve, and you like the idea of a “human” being at the end of a phone, rather than a support ticket or call centre style operation.

We approach all this in a very logical manner. Our first priority is to understand what you do, provide advice on where you might be missing the mark in some shape or form, and to then ensure that all the key fundamentals are in place going forwards.


Ohio's largest music festival

Treetop Hideaways

6 beautiful lakeside Eco lodges on the outskirts of Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.

Natural Skin Revival

Online natural skin care specialists in the USA.

Elevation Management

US based artist management company

Island Stocktakers

Jersey based liquor stocktaking and bookkeeping business.

SmartCall Plumbing & Heating

SmartCall Plumbing & Heating are a specialist repair and maintenance company covering all areas of London.

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“A website is like a pair of binoculars – amazing if focused properly but very frustrating if not”.

What Do We Do?

We look at what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and anything you are not doing at all! We use your current website as a basis to work from, and create a brand new site that ensures all the key fundamentals are in place and operating properly.

This includes ensuring your site has an SSL certificate, is optimised for relevant search terms on Google so it is easy to find, is responsive and mobile friendly, is cleanly presented, easy to navigate, contains up to date, relevant content, and makes it obvious what customers have to do next.

How Do We Do It?

Our normal starting point is to restructure your website using your existing livery, pages and content as a basis to work from, so that it is more focused on generating results for you – that’s all that matters!

Your customers need to feel confident about doing business with you, and to know what they need to do next.

We build and host your website on our fully managed WordPress hosting platform so we can guarantee reliability and provide ongoing support.

When the site is ready to go “live” we handle the migration process for you.

Key Fundamentals

First impressions are vital in building customer confidence.

Your website has to look good and work easily across every type of browser and device.

It has to be easy to navigate and contain up to date information that makes the customer want to “buy”.

It also has to be found via search engines using key words that people actually use to find businesses like yours.

It has to contain strong calls to action so the customer knows what to do next – ie call you, complete a form or buy online.

How Long Does It Take?

It depends on how complex or large the website is. There is no shortcut to ensuring all the key fundamentals are in place, and everything we do has to be done thoroughly and properly but we can normally restructure and migrate a small site within a week.

What Does It Cost?

Costs ultimately depend on how complex or large your website is, but we can normally restructure and migrate a small site for around £500 plus VAT (one-off), and charge from as little as £29 plus VAT per month for hosting on our fully managed WordPress platform.

Recent Examples

  • Phoenix Inspection

You’ll see our website includes lots of examples of our websites.

Ongoing Support

We pride ourselves on our support. We realise that you need help and advice “on tap” by phone and email from people who understand – and care about – your business and can help you to deliver results by getting more visitors to your website, turning more of these visitors into enquiries and sales, reducing admin time, and generally making your business more efficient.

We use reliable technology for our hosting platforms to ensure that your email and web site are always operational, and support this with ongoing help and assistance over the phone and by email as required.


We can either show you how to manage and update your own content and marketing campaigns, or can manage all of this for you.

We also provide a website editing and marketing service on a “pay as you go” hourly basis.

What To Do Next

Call us for a no obligation chat about your website and what you are looking to achieve on 01526 352919, or complete our online form and we’ll get back to you.

Other Services

We register domains, we provide mailboxes, we provide secure data backup and sharing services, and we provide site marketing services.

“We trim out all the irrelevant stuff, and focus on the key fundamentals that do matter, and which make a website successful.”