The Key Fundamentals To Establishing A Successful Website

1) You need to own your own domain name and use the email addresses associated with your domain.
2) You need a responsive, mobile friendly website – this is essential with over half the world’s internet users browsing via mobile devices.
3) You need to host it on a reliable, professionally managed web platform so that all upgrades and new feature integration are handled for you.
4) You need an easy to use content management system so you can either update it yourself or utilise us in a time efficient manner to manage it for you.
5) Your overall design needs to be uncluttered and easy to navigate, with well written, neatly presented and strong calls to action. And, if possible, content should be updated on a regular basis.
6) Your pages need to be properly optimised for Google and other search engines.
7) You need access to ongoing support and training on a bureau style basis from experienced people who understand your business.
8) You need an SSL Certificate so that visitors to your website can trust it as being safe and secure, and you need to ensure that your website includes additional security and protection against malicious attacks, and that WordPress versions and plugins are kept up to date.
9) Your website needs to be GDPR compliant.
10) You need to ensure that your website and everything you do builds customer confidence from the word go.