Why you need a dedicated website for your business in addition to your Facebook page.

A huge number of small businesses do not have their own website, or only use a page on Facebook to promote themselves.

One of our most frequently asked questions is “Do we need a dedicated website for our business in addition to our Facebook page?” The short answer is “yes, you do”.

If you are to build customer confidence in your business, having a dedicated website of your own that you control is essential. Whilst there is great value in having a Facebook page – it’s free, it promotes your business to a vast community, and you probably get a lot of enquiries and business from it – there are a huge number of limitations – and longer term implications.

1) Customers expect you to have your own website. It reassures them that you are a proper business. Although you can upload a logo, images and basic content to your Facebook page, you can’t control how you present the content, or how your overall “brand” looks.

2) Although you can present basic information, you are limited to what you can do and it is simply not practical to tell visitors as much about your business, services, products as you can do with your own dedicated website.

3) Not everyone uses Facebook, and although a Facebook page can be found via Google, you are not in control of how the page is optimised and indexed by Google. A dedicated website enables you to control the page titles, descriptions and content that Google indexes and uses to rank your individual pages. It means you can be found by anyone using search terms that are relevant to you.

The common denominator is control, and even if you are OK with how you use Facebook at present, what if they moved their goalposts and changed the way they treated business pages.

Your website should be the hub of your business – your cloud hosted head office if you like – and all the other things you do online – Facebook, Twitter, Directory Entries, Amazon, eBay, Youtube, Instagram – plus offline promotion via adverts in printed publications, business cards, leaflets, letterheads etc – are simply individual components of your overall marketing that funnel people to your website in order to know more.

Every website, regardless of how small, builds instant customer confidence if it is modern, mobile friendly, neatly presented and contains up to date, relevant information and a strong call to action.

We provide a low cost website set up service that ensures all the key fundamentals are in place and which will get you up and running from as little as £195 plus VAT.

We de-mystify the entire process and handle it all for you. We explain WHY what we propose doing makes a difference and we bridge the gap between the DIY type services that expect you to set up and manage your own website with no one to turn to for help, and the bespoke design agencies who’s minimum entry point is way above most small business’s budget.

Our main focus is to ensure that your website:

  • Builds instant customer confidence and represents your business properly online.
  • Is mobile friendly so it works across all devices.
  • Has an SSL Certificate and is GDPR compliant.
  • Contains neatly presented, up to date content.
  • Has strong calls to action so that customers know what they need to do next.
  • Is found with relevant search terms via Google and other search engines.

Most importantly, you have immediate access to us by phone or email whenever you need support or have any queries. We handle everything for you and you simply treat us as your “virtual assistants” whenever you need us. If you want to edit your own content, we show you what to do, and if you’d like us to manage your content for you, we provide a low cost pay as you go service.

With all the key fundamentals in place, your website instantly becomes the focal point of all your promotion and an online, up to date statement of your operation as it stands today.

The idea is for it to really work for you so it increases exposure, reassures customers, generates revenue and reduces admin time by providing all the up to date information that visitors to your website need. The goal is to get more visitors who stay longer, return more often and tell others. You’ll notice you get more enquiries, along with an immediate difference in customer attitude and staff morale who start to feel “proud” to direct people to your website.


We have two options. It really depends on whether you want to take a small step or a big leap to begin with!

Option 1: 3 Page Starter Website
We use one of our latest responsive, mobile friendly designs as a basis to work from, and to integrate relevant information from your Facebook page, such as logo, images and text – plus additional information you’d like to supply – into a professional looking 3 page website that immediately conveys who you are, what you do, and what you want people to do! We optimise it for Google and other engines.

Our 3 page platform includes an easy to use content management system that enables you to add/edit text, upload images, embed code, add news/blog and to generally be as self sufficient as you want to be, with us here in the background when you need us.

We charge £195 plus VAT to set up a 3 page website for you – and we’ll include your first 12 months hosting, SSL Certificate, GDPR compliant cookie control and privacy policy and a mailbox @ your domain FREE OF CHARGE. In subsequent years the cost will be £65 plus VAT per year. If you don’t already have a domain we can register one for you from £19 plus VAT per year.

Option 2: Unlimited Page Website
Having unlimited pages gives you more scope to present specific information on products and services on individual pages, and to optimise these pages for Google. It’s essential that the navigation and menu system is logical and content presented neatly.

Our unlimited page platform also includes e-commerce, site stats and other useful features. You can start with this or upgrade at any time.

Website Hosting on our unlimited page platform costs £29 plus VAT per month (or £315 plus VAT per year) and includes SSL Certificate, GDPR compliant cookie control and privacy policy and a mailbox @ your domain. If you don’t already have a domain we can register one for you from £19 plus VAT per year.

Whilst the initial set up cost still starts from £195 plus VAT, the most important thing is to ensures your website is set up properly with all the fundamentals in place so it works for you. In practice, setting up a larger site may incur extra costs, especially if you require custom features or have a lot of content.

Ongoing Support

Once we’ve created your website and added initial content, we can show you how to edit content yourself via “bite sized” training sessions, and can continue to monitor you as you add more content.

Whilst our website platform enables you to be as self sufficient as you want to be, we realise that most people are already fully occupied doing what they already do and don’t have the time, skill – or desire! – to manage website content to a “professional” level, or really only want to update basic information from time to time.

If you need ongoing help we provide a website management service too. We charge £20 plus VAT per half hour (£40 plus VAT per hour) and act as your “virtual assistants”. There’s no minimum contract or commitment – just simple pay as you go. If whatever needs doing doesn’t take long and is a one-off, we normally won’t even bill you for it. We try and adopt a common sense policy!

What Happens Next!

Call us on 01526 352919 for a no obligation chat, or complete our enquiry form. It normally only takes a few days to get everything set up for you, and you don’t pay us until we’ve done our bit.