How Much Is Getting It Right Worth To Your Business?

This section explains in great detail everything that you need to know about getting started. There is nothing here that you can’t do yourself, providing you have the time to learn and implement the steps outlined.

If you’d like us to handle all this for you, we have a specialist Site Marketing Set Up Service that covers all the key fundamentals outlined in this section so that everything his set up properly and professionally.

We charge £750 plus VAT to set everything up for you, plus whatever daily/monthly budget you might wish to spend on online advertising with Google, Facebook etc. We charge £50 plus VAT per hour for ongoing support, management and additional amends.

“You can do it yourself, or we can do it for you”

In practice, everything to do with the Internet is an “ever changing process of continual evolvement”. Our policy is to make you as self sufficient as you want to be and make you aware of what needs to be done. You can either implement things yourself, or we can set it all up for you and monitor you, and be here in the background as a bureau style Internet department whenever you need help.

The good news is that you can introduce and manage new options at a pace that suits you. But if you want your website to be more successful, things won’t start changing until embrace this kind of activity.

It should take about a week to set everything up for you. Although each component has a “price tag”, we’ll always try and look at ways of pooling the key essential together and doing them all for a lower all-in price. The trouble is, whilst we can save you money on certain things, there are others that you can’t avoid doing if you want it to work, and they either take time and/or money to set up properly. It’s like building a house without putting in the foundations properly.

The Basics of Site Marketing Explained

You can use any combination of these options to try and drive traffic to your website:

1] Optimise your pages for the search engines. 
2] Run online advertising campaigns, such as Google Ads
3] Direct mail or email. 
4] Run offline advertising campaigns, such as magazines and newspapers. 
5] Get listed on high circulation websites that are relevant to your industry. 
6] Update your site regularly by adding well written news articles.

We believe that although most businesses require initial help with setting their site marketing up properly, from that point on they can manage their own optimisation and advertising campaigns.

Our Site Marketing Setup Service includes:

  • Explaining the basics of how site marketing works so you understand what you are doing. 
  • Researching your competitors and performing keyword analysis to improve your rankings with Google and other search engines.
  • Optimising up to 10 pages of your website for search engines using keywords in page titles, descriptions H1 headers and page content.
  • Setting up a bulk mailing system (such asMailchimp) for newsletters
  • Using News and Blog articles as a means of promotion.
  • Setting up a Google Account, with Google Analytics.
  • Setting up a Google Adwords account and creating your first campaign and first adverts.
  • Setting up social media services, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc with integration into your website.
  • Initial monitoring over the first month.