WordPress Editing

Login by going to your website and adding /wp-admin to the end of it (ie https://www.”yourwebsite.com”/wp-admin).
You can use your email or username plus your password.

When you are logged in, you’ll be looking at a dashboard with all sorts of things in the left hand side. To begin with you only need to learn to do a few basic things.

At the top left of your screen you can hover over “View Site” or “View Page”, and then browse the site normally to get to the page you want to edit. You’ll see a link at the bottom of each page to edit it.

The page content consists of blocks specifically for text, images, tables or PDFs etc. You can make changes to existing blocks. Remember to click on update and to wait for changes to be saved. You can then click on “View page” to see how it looks to users.

If you want to add some new content to a page, you’ll see there are various ways you can add new blocks and position them where you want them.

Brief guide to what the main blocks do

This is a Heading block

This is a paragraph block where you can enter text

The block below is a gallery where you can upload images. You can control how many images appear in a column

Or, you can add an image into an image block. In this instance we have added a column (with 3 cols) and added an image into each one, and added a separator below each to make it stand out a bit. Images can have captions and can be made to link to internal or external pages.

or we could even text wrap an image like this, and you can crop the images, added them as thumbs or full size.