The Modern Way Of Building A Website

The whole way that websites are created, hosted and managed is different now. In the old days you’d produce a visual, buy some server space, and then actually build the site. It was expensive, time consuming and “messy” because most of the time the client didn’t really understand what he was paying for, how it was really going to work and what he was going to be responsible for.

Nowadays, sites are hosted on cloud hosted platforms with all the server maintenance handled for you and new functions and features added on a regular basis. The actual “design” is the last piece in the jigsaw. We build the structure of the site first, add some initial pages and content, and then involve you in creating a design that places most emphasis on how the site is navigated and how content is presented. We then show you how to add more content. It is the logical, and most cost effective, way to evolve your website.

The modern trend is for a clean, uncluttered look. When YOU browse or shop online, you like sites that are fast loading, easy to navigate (so you can find what you want quickly), tell you what you need to know (ie benefits), and what you need to do (ie nearest stockist, call or buy online). Why should you want your own website to be any different?

The only things that matter are whether your customers can find it, can navigate to what they want, can assess information on the product/service being offered to them, and then act on it. We want to achieve this for you without you incurring extra expense or having less of your money spent where it should be. Once we have created the structure and added some content, we can then take on board any design related refinements.

In essence our service is centred round a robust chassis that we can easily adapt for any make, model, or colour of car. Providing the car does everything you want it to do (ie start first time, comfortable, powerful, economic and easy handle), you’ll be happy. If it turns heads when you drive past, that’s an added bonus, but that won’t earn you extra money! We concentrate on what matters to you. You’ll be judged by how easy the site is to find, navigate and use – NOT by fancy design features.

By concentrating on the structure and content first, and finalising the design last, we are able to substantially reduce the typical cost of setting a website up, and can concentrate on the other key fundamentals involved.

By not getting your website set up properly, you are wasting time, costing yourself business, and losing ground to your competitors. You could be setting your online business back years.

What If I Already Have A Website?

It doesn’t matter. In fact, in many cases it’s helpful and keeps your costs down as we can adapt the current design and make it responsive, base the new site on the current navigation structure (albeit it with modifications and improvements) and migrate the content from the current site to the new one. We can concentrate on implementing the things that do matter.