Social Media

Some businesses view social media is an unwelcome distraction, or a “necessary evil”, whilst others use it on a daily [even hourly!] basis. It depends on whether your customers are the sort of people who use social media, and whether you have products, services or events that would lend themselves to being promoted using it.

If that’s the case, social media enables you to build up a database/community that you can “push” info to, which then funnels people TO your websites for more specific info. Websites themselves are “passive” – you actually have to go to them to see if anything has been updated.

Postings on Facebook or Twitter or in newsletters/circulars should (wherever possible) include a link to the relevant page of your website for more information. The idea is to use social media to promote specific “events” or “news” and to direct people to your website to act on it.

If you already have Twitter and Facebook accounts, we’ll check that you are using them effectively, and that they are properly integrated into your website.

If you don’t already have social media accounts, we’ll explain how you could be using them to raise your profile and build a customer base. We’ll set accounts up for you, and monitor you as you add your first postings.