What To Do If Your Current Website Host Ceases Trading

We are getting contacted by an increasing number of small businesses – some of whom are very distressed – who tell us that their current website provider has either ceased trading or is planning to wind up their web hosting operation. 

If you are reading this because you find yourself in the same boat, we can definitely help you. We provide advice and practical help, and can normally get you up and running again within a week.

Firstly, you are not alone. Web hosting businesses are going out of business because they didn’t appreciate how cloud hosting, mobile friendly websites and content management systems were going to change the way we all use the Internet. Some just aren’t equipped to provide these services, or don’t have sufficient clients to retain financial viability. We embrace the cloud for our web, app, email and backup hosting so we’ll always be up to date.

Secondly, the practicalities. We’ll migrate your website over to our platform, and we’ll set up mailboxes for you. However, to complete the changeover you (or we) need access to your current domain, email and website panels – or you’ll need your current supplier to make some changes for you.

If your current website is down, or you know it is about to go down, call us immediately on 01526 352919 or complete our enquiry form giving as much detail as possible and we’ll provide priority support.