Waterproof golf clothing suppliers in Lincolnshire

waterproof golf clothing in Lincolnshire

This page is optimised to bring up search results for someone typing in waterproof golf clothing suppliers in Lincolnshire.

We actually use this page as a means of showing clients how pages get ranked.

If you just typed in “golf” amidst all the pages covering chocolate biscuits, VW cars, and golf clubs and courses, this page is actually indexed by Google and other engines, but won’t be found unless you look through millions of results.

However, the more intelligent you make your search, the more chance that you would find what you are looking for, provided the site owner actually optimised his page for these more relevant terms.

It works like a dating agency!

So, in this case, we have optimised this page for waterproof golf clothing suppliers in Lincolnshire. The page title and description includes this phrase, as does the H1 header, and so does the actual content of the page. We’ve even optimised the image on the right with tags and a caption.

Enter “Waterproof golf clothing suppliers in Lincolnshire” in Google and you’ll see for yourself!