The Benefits And The Difference Our Website Set Up Service Will Make To Your Business

Your profile will be raised, and you’ll be found via more relevant searches. You’ll generate more visitors, and will convert a higher percentage of enquiries into sales. You’ll save admin time, and printing and postage costs will be lower. Your overheads will be lower and your overall efficiency will improve dramatically.

Raising Your Profile

This means going right back to basics with how your pages are optimised for search engines, and amending page titles, descriptions and page content itself. We’ll get you into good habits and your pages will be properly indexed by Google and other engines within a few weeks. If you use our site marketing set up service, we’ll also set up social media accounts for you (if you’d like to go down that route), newsletter option, Google Analytics and your initial Adwords campaign, and monitor you as you learn to use them. The end result is that more people will find – and visit – your website.

Generating More Enquiries & Sales

This not only means getting more people to your website, it means giving them what they need when they get there. This means a clear uncluttered look, fast loading pages, logical easy to use navigation (ie good signposting), and well written, concise content that gives the customer the information needed in order to consider doing business with you. Bullet points to highlight important features are a good idea. Good quality images are important, and a clear call to action (ie buy it now, call us, complete a form or go to your nearest stockist etc) are essential.

The goal is to get more people to the site and to improve conversion rates.

Reduce Admin Time & Save Printing & Postage Costs

An easy to use content management system makes it easy for staff to keep your website up to date and to provide information for potential customers that they’d normally have to supply manually. For example, Directions, Brochure PDFs, FAQs. This all saves time and improves efficiency. Customers learn to trust the content and this reduces telephone calls. The more information that can be made available online will reduce your printing and postage costs too. Enquiries should be directed towards a form that contains fields requesting information that YOU need. You can then deal with that enquiry more efficiently because you already have relevant information

Other Benefits That Make Your Life Easier

  • We do it all for you. It saves you the hassle! And the time! And the frustration! We’ve built hundreds of websites for our clients, and the idea is to build a website that works for you and delivers genuine results. We’ll make a better job of it than you, and with smaller sites we normally only ask for payment once your site is ready.
  • You’ll have a responsive, mobile friendly website that delivers your content properly across all devices. Immediately, over 50% of your potential customers will be able to see your website in a more user friendly fashion than before.
  • It will be professionally presented, fast loading with clear navigation to direct your visitors to the pages they want to get to.
  • It will have some initial content for your main pages. This will focus on telling your customers what they want to know in order to do business with you, along with clear calls to action to take the next step.
  • The main pages will be optimised for your top relevant search terms and will be indexed by Google and other engines. Your website will start to get found by broader search terms and visitor stats will rise.
  • You’ll easily be able to manage your own content from any device connected to the Internet without any special knowledge or software. We’ll train and monitor you as you learn to use the platform and add more content.
  • Your staff will be able to access secure files or edit their own pages of the website from any location.
  • You’ll get more enquiries and sales.
  • You’ll know what you are doing, and what you need to do to keep doing it.
  • Your website will be hosted on our fully managed cloud hosted web platform that’s always performing for your customers as it’s easy to use, never goes wrong and centrally maintained with all platform upgrades handled for you.
  • Having access to “plain English” objective advice, practical help and ongoing support whenever you need it.
  • The site being better and up to date immediately lifts staff morale.
  • Customers can trust what they see on the website.

Typical Objectives

  • To raise your profile and get more visitors, who stay longer, return more often and tell others.
  • To increase conversion rates, either from visitors to enquiries, or from enquiries to actual “sales”.
  • To reduce admin time and overheads, by providing general, useful and up to date information that you’d otherwise have to deal with manually, and/or which would incur printing and postage cost.
  • To build customer and/or supplier confidence/loyalty.