What Happens Next? Typical Plan Of Action

To begin with, we set up a working structure of your website on our web platform. We use this as a basis to discuss what needs to be done, and how it could best be done.

Our modern method of building websites enables us to quickly and cost effectively add any make, model or colour of car to the robust chassis we have designed specifically for our fully managed WordPress hosting platform.

Once we’ve got some basic information from you, or had a look at your existing website and pointed out areas that you are not doing properly, we’ll add some initial pages (ie Home, About Us, Products, Services, Contact Us etc). We’ll also upload some content supplied by you, or taken from your current website if you have one.

We place great emphasis on what you want to achieve, professional presentation, how the site works across different devices, how easy the site is to navigate, what the content says (this is your chance to sell your products or services to a potential customer, so use it!), and what the call to action is (ie buy it now, contact us, or go to your nearest stockist).

Once we have established how the site is going to look, how it is going to be navigated, and how best to display content in a consistent fashion throughout the site, we then start showing you how to add more content and generally manage your website.

The web platform is incredibly reliable, robust and easy to use and you can add as many pages and as much content as you want. It’s unlimited! We train you in bite sized chunks over the phone and by email, and continue to monitor you so you don’t waste time doing “the wrong thing”. 

We ensure that your page titles, descriptions and page content are properly optimised for Google and other engines. We show you how to continue this process – and how not to mess up what we’ve already set up for you too!

If you sell physical or digital goods online (ie you want an e-commerce website!), we’ll set up the backend admin end, create some initial categories, add initial products, and walk you through setting up a Stripe or Paypal account so you can process orders online by credit and debit cards immediately.

Our basic website set up / restructuring service cost from as little as £500 plus VAT. If you’d like us to add more content for you, or your project is larger or more bespoke in nature, we provide a more hands-on setup and support service. The costs really depend on the complexity of the project and the time involved.

If you don’t already have a domain, we’ll register it for you. If you have an existing domain and/or website, we’ll show you how to transfer it to our web platform. We can also host your email too (mailboxes are £30 plus VAT pa).

If you’d like us to set up social media accounts, a bulk mail account for your newsletters with subscribe/unsubscribe options, Google Analytics and a Pay per Click (ie Google Adwords) campaign for you, we charge from as little as £350 plus VAT extra, and this involves monitoring you as you learn to use and manage these features and services.

Once your website is “open” we continue to monitor you and provide ongoing support and training as required. You pay us for the production and setup service, and start paying from as little as £39 plus VAT per month for your website hosting, along with any other additional fees agreed for additional production or site marketing related work, domain registration or email.

You can be as involved in the set up process as you want to be. The only thing we ask is that if your co-operation is required, you do respond quickly to ensure momentum is maintained. It is in your best interests to get your new site performing the tasks it should be for you as quickly as possible!

With your co-operation, your new website could be open and operational within a week or so of us starting the process. You’ll notice the benefits within a few weeks – sometimes even within a few days.

Our overall concern is to get results and to de-mystify the process involved so you can become as self sufficient as you would like to be, with us just here in the background when you need advice, support or additional training.