Managed Websites

Do remember that we don’t just host websites – we manage most of them for clients too. A professionally managed website is important because it generates instant customer confidence. Most people don’t have the time or the skill (or the patience) to do it to the required level. It’s great that you CAN manage various aspects of your own website, but we do understand that it can require a great deal of effort to keep a website looking neat and up to date or adding new images – time that you may not have. Or, that even if you do, when it comes to it you find it hard to implement or under estimate what’s really involved. Or, you might want to introduce some new ideas but don’t quite know where to start.

It is important to point out that just because a web platform includes a content management system, it doesn’t automatically make you a web designer! Regardless of how easy the various functions are to use, it still requires a degree of skill, experience, time and concentration to ensure content is presented professionally with images cropped or lined up neatly. And how an update is “finished” makes a huge difference to customer response.

Co-managing a site really means showing you how to do the things that you want to add/edit/remove regularly, and us being responsible for everything else. Or for us to be responsible for all your updates.

Above and below are some some of the websites we co-manage and you’ll see they look neater, are more up to date, include more custom features, and are easy to find. We tend to be able to make basic amends faster (it’s what we do all day!), and if it’s anything more complex, we have the experience to find the best solution and to integrate it properly.