Google Adwords

The days of being able to rely on organic listings have gone. Sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t get to page one (or 2, 3 or 4!) organically with a specific phrase, and this is where Google Adwords and other advertising options come in. In short, you can only get so far with “organic” (ie natural) listings and Google Adwords enables you to set up cost effective campaigns on a cost per click basis that enables you to have total control over your budget and how you target your market.

Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising enables you to place an ad that only gets displayed when a specific keyword or phrase is typed in, and how high your ad appears depends on what (and how many) other businesses are bidding for that same keyword match.

When somebody searches for a specific phrase and your ad displays, you are only charged when they click your ad. We will set your text and image ads up so that they are optimised for a variety of devices, and limited to the geographical areas you cover (for example UK if only you only sell in the UK etc), so you avoid wasting money on irrelevant clicks. We will also ensure that your ads show for relevant keywords, as opposed to very general searches, to make your AdWords efforts more efficient.

It also shows your potential customers that you are a serious business. If you are not there, but your competitors are, they have a head start on you.

If you don’t already have a Google Adwords campaign on the go, we’ll set one up for you, agree a daily budget, and monitor it as it starts to produce results. We set it up on a firm foundation with every aspect covered, and the basics explained. You pay for the Google ads direct. The advertising budget would be agreed when we did the research work and it can be amended or paused at any time.

There are other Cost Per Click options to look at too. These include Facebook (which enables you to target people who have expressed an interest in your market). We highly recommend the set up of Facebook pay-per-click advertising to reach more customers, and that you start to include links to your website when you are writing status updates. Your website is the place you should be converting people, and Facebook should be part of the funnelling process. Getting links back from reputable sites like Facebook or Twitter will definitely factor towards your Google ranking. We will add social icons to your website’s footer also.

We’ll also help you manage your site and campaign for the first couple of months to make sure everything is on track. This would include help with content, monitoring the campaigns and making any necessary adjustments. Whilst we don’t make a monthly charge to manage your account, we conduct an annual review of your marketing and advise you on any changes required. Basic tweaks would be included but if major changes had to be made we’d discuss these with you.

Cost: £250 plus VAT (one off) plus your daily budget spend paid direct to Google
Annual Review: £250 plus VAT pa.

Google Ads Set Up

Set up your own Google Adwords campaign.