Bespoke or Larger Website Projects

Although our core business is setting up websites for small and medium sized businesses, primarily because there are more of them and they are faster to set up, we also set up an increasing number of bespoke or larger projects from initial planning all the way through to active monthly management.

Our standard website set up service costs from as little as £500 plus VAT. This covers the key fundamentals and is designed to get you up and running from a firm foundation. It places more emphasis on you getting more actively involved in adding initial content. This is great for small businesses who really only need simple sites and are prepared to be trained in the basics so they can manage their own affairs.

We also provide a more comprehensive, detailed and hands on service for those of you with larger or more complex projects and who need more practical help planning their website, identifying key objectives and finding solutions to achieve them. Whilst this costs more (obviously!), our method of creating responsive sites still enables us to produce them for a fraction of the normal cost.

It includes creating a more bespoke design for the website, help with writing and presenting content, adding all your site content for you, and ensuring your website is properly optimised and promoted via search engines along with other avenues such as social media. It’s hard to be more exact about costs until we talk, but as a guide, the initial production budget required for this kind of website development could be anything from £1,500 plus VAT, depending on what’s required to make your website successful.

To begin with, we still set up the basic structure on a “No Obligation” basis, and use that as a template to develop the website, but we’d ask you to be more committed once we’ve agreed a plan of action and are pressing on from that point.

We provide objective advice, ongoing support and training, and practical help developing your website in the future, or fine tuning what you have. Long term, there is a gradual evolvment process, as we understand more about your business and you understand more about what the Internet could do for you. We take an active interest in your business and helping you to develop it online.

There are lots of things you probably need to do if your website is to achieve its full potential. We can work with you to introduce them gradually at your own pace, or we can get you to hit the ground running and make sure your website marketing, social media, newsletters and other forms of promotion are set up effectively from the word go. Our primary goal is to help you set up exactly what you need, and to then make you as self sufficient as you want to be, with us just here in the background as your bureau style Internet department whenever required.

Our standard web hosting costs £39 plus VAT per month and includes EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to run your business online, including unlimited pages, access to support by phone and email, research and consultancy time. However, we can even get more involved in managing your content and other services for you if you don’t have the resources or time in-house. Our more hands-on management and support services start from £45 plus VAT per hour.