How do people find what they are looking for and choose a particular supplier?

It doesn’t matter how good your website is if someone who’s interested in doing business with you can’t find you using relevant, key words in a search engine. It’s even worse if they ARE able to find your competitors and not you.

And if they can’t find you very easily it makes it even more essential that you give the few visitors who do visit your website everything they need in order to do business with you.

Most people use a mobile phone or tablet to search, and when they find a relevant site, they expect it to be mobile friendly.

Even if a supplier was recommended to them and they knew the website address, they still like to look at their website to get an understanding of who they are and how they operate.

If a website creates immediate customer confidence, they believe they are in safe hands and will make contact. If it doesn’t, they might not take things further, especially if someone else’s website does.

The primary function of any website is to reassure potential customers that you supply the products or services they need, and are reliable. They expect it to be easy to find what they were looking for, and for content to be well written with neatly presented images to highlight particular products or services. They like to read frequently asked questions and testimonials from satisfied customers. They also expect it to be easy to contact them via phone or email – or to buy online – and to have an idea of how quickly they will respond, and what happens next.

Customer reassurance is essential all the way through the process, and if you’re not able to give it to them in person, your website needs to do this for you.