Why Attention To Detail Matters

You can’t turn up in an old Mondeo and expect to win a Grand Prix, yet on the Internet that’s just what thousands of businesses think they can do!

In the “real” world, you don’t just produce a cheap brochure, spend nothing advertising it, and expect your business to take off, regardless of how good your products or services are. The Internet is no different.

Except it is, in one crucial aspect. You still have to spend the money, but you can now obtain vital knowledge before you start. It’s like being able to bet on a horse race after you’ve seen the result.

For example, what’s the point in optimising a web site for key words that people are not actually using? We can provide statistical information to show you which key words really are being used, and what it would cost for a specific phrase to make your advert appear on the first page of Google Adwords. We can then also re-organise your website content to improve the ranking for this phrase with an organic search too.

Also, we recommend looking at what your competitors are doing, and assessing what they are doing better than you are, and then implementing those that are relevant to you.

You might even be satisfied with your current marketing results, in the same way that a premier league footballer is happy on £50,000 per week until he realises that someone else in the team is getting £300,000 per week!

You can either continue to do what you are currently doing now, but know that things will never be better than they are now, and that gradually your web site will get left behind in terms of what it is offering your potential and/or existing customers. Or, you can do something about it.

The Internet is only ever going to be more important. Everyone now searches for things online, and now that Internet connections are improving everywhere, and more people are browsing on the move via tablet and smartphone devices, standing still is just not an option.

 The best course of action is for us to understand more about your business, your market and what you feel you could achieve, and to provide some options to achieve the goals you set yourself.

 For smaller businesses, this can be pretty straightforward, but for larger operations, it can involve a huge amount of research and planning.

Once your site has been built, our Site Marketing Set Up Service is a cost effective way of getting started on the long and arduous road of getting visitors to your site!

At the very least, you will know exactly where you are and what you need to do if you really are serious about using the Internet.

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