Website Restructuring Service

Our website restructuring, hosting, management and marketing service is designed specifically for businesses – probably just like yours! – who have an existing website that’s “done a job so far”, but who now realise it could – and should – be doing much more than it is at present.

The more we work with our clients, the more we realise that whilst some really grasp that the Internet is central to their business and continually develop and improve how their website to meet customer requirements, others really need to be convinced. If you fall into this group, it’s our job to explain why your current website will never do more than it is currently doing, what needs to be done and what the benefits to you would be.

This section of our website tells you everything you ever need to know about establishing a successful web presence. It is really an inter-active essay. A call to arms if you like. Whatever it is, it’s important. It’s about YOUR website. If we are enthused about it, you should be too!

You probably already realise that your website needs to be modernised, restructured and generally brought up to date. 

You probably don’t quite know where to start. Ideally you’d like someone who’s experienced and reliable to advise you and handle it all for you.

We currently host over 300 websites for different sized businesses, operating in diverse market sectors all over the world. Some businesses just want to have a basic website set up for them. Others look for something more bespoke. Some want to be totally self sufficient, with us just here in the background as and when required. Others want us to be more involved and to provide hands on management, including editing content, adding new features, site marketing support and generally being more proactive.

Their collective goal is the same though. To use their websites to achieve their objectives.

The most successful ones are noticeably more SERIOUS about their websites and do more with them. We can’t impress this fact upon you enough. Like anything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out!

They recognise that first impressions are vital. Their sites work across all devices. They are easy to find, easy to navigate and contain up to date, well written, professionally presented content with strong calls to action. In short, their websites are an up to date statement of their businesses as they stand today. None of this happens by itself.

We hope you are serious about your website. If you are, we know we can help you to get far more out of your use of the Internet than you are currently doing. And if you’re not, we’d have to ask you, what’s the point of having one!

Our primary role is to open your eyes to current issues and future possibilities. If you need some convincing, read through our website and use it to dip back and forth to any points we’ve made that specifically resonate with you.