Cloud Hosted Email

Cloud Hosted Email enables you to do everything you currently do with email, contacts and calendars, but will enable you to do it from anywhere simply by logging into your mailbox from any device connected to the Internet. 

It also means you can still set up your mailbox up as an IMAP account up on whichever desktop mail client you use [Outlook etc], your smart phone [iPhone, Samsung etc], or tablet device [iPad etc], and your incoming and outgoing messages will automatically synchronise with each other regardless of which device or application you are using at the time. Full instructions on how to set up your mailbox for each mail client/device can be found by visiting

Furthermore, your mailboxes are protected against spam and viruses and your email is stored securely and backed up online to give you peace of mind if your computer/mobile/tablet device is lost through fire or theft. 

 Costs start from just £30 plus VAT per year for each cloud hosted mailbox. 

 For more info, complete our online enquiry form or phone us on 01526 352919.

Access Your Email From Anywhere Using Any Device

We run your email server, so you can get on with running your business. Key Features of the IWM’s Email Hosting solution:

  • Secure web mail access
  • 25GB mailboxes
  • Large attachments of up to 50 MB per message
  • Low, predictable costs
  • Multi-mail client compatibility
  • Three layer spam protection and control
  • Dual scanning virus protection
  • The latest security technologies
  • Powerful web based control panel
  • A multitude of statistics pertaining to overall email system functionality
  • 100% application uptime SLA
  • Collaboration – shared calendars; private and public entries; ability to restrict users to share calendars

Cloud Hosted Email Benefits

Microsoft Outlook®
IWM’s cloud hosted email seamlessly integrates with Outlook to view and manage mail, calendar, contacts, and more from the same Outlook you’re used to. Compatible with Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook 2003 (with Service Pack 2), 2007, and 2010

Not Using Outlook?
With IWM’s cloud Email, you can access mail through Entourage®, Thunderbird®, Mac® Mail, or any other POP or IMAP desktop software.

Access all the benefits of a desktop program without being tied to the desktop. Log into your Email from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone, and get instant access to email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes.

All the bells and whistles of a business-class calendar application. Create and manage multiple personal and shared calendars, set reminders and recurrences, and color-code entries for at-a-glance viewing.

Create multiple personal or shared contact lists; add photos, multiple phone numbers and email addresses, mailing addresses, and notes to entries. Import your existing contact lists from other programs.

Standalone task manager right in your inbox. Create multiple task lists featuring individual action items laid out with completion dates, notes area for task details, and tasks even change color to remind you of due dates.

Record important information in an easy to use text interface tied directly to your inbox stamped with time/date and title for easy retrieval.

Mobile Access
Access email natively — using your device’s integrated email app, or the app of your choice—on these devices and more:
Windows Mobile
You’ll get full POP and IMAP access, included with each IWM Email mailbox.

Mobile Web Access
When you use our fast and simple mobile web client you’ll have complete access to:
Email and email folders

Login & Set Up

Admin Login
If you are an administrator and want to login to manage your email accounts. 

Webmail Login
If you are a user and want to sign into your own email account.

Set Up Instructions
If you need help setting up your IMAP account on any device.