Frequently Asked Questions

Who Do We Work With?

Typically we work with smaller businesses who already have a website, but who realise its currently missing the mark in some shape or form and not fulfilling its potential.

In the main our clients aren’t that technical, and most have no real desire to be so either. They just want someone to explain what they are doing wrong, preferably in “plain English”, and to fix it for them.

What Do We Do?

We look at what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and anything you are not doing at all! We use your current website as a basis to work from, and create a brand new site that ensures all the key fundamentals are in place and operating properly.

This includes ensuring your site has an SSL certificate, is optimised for relevant search terms on Google so it is easy to find, is responsive and mobile friendly, is cleanly presented, easy to navigate, contains up to date, relevant content, and makes it obvious what customers have to do next.

In short, we do whatever it takes to improve your website and to create customer confidence so that more visitors want to do business with you.

We handle the entire process, and then are on hand to help and support in the future.

What Does It Cost?

Costs ultimately depend on how complex or large your website is. Whilst there is no shortcut to ensuring all the key fundamentals are in place, and everything we do has to be done thoroughly and properly, we can normally restructure and migrate a small site from around £500 plus VAT. We charge from as little as £39 plus VAT per month for hosting your website on our fully managed WordPress platform.