Web Site Updating Service

Nowadays, no business can succeed without using the Internet. First impressions are vital.

It’s fine having a web site that you can update yourself, providing you do update it and do so tidily!

Your clients and customers start to subconsciously build a picture of your business from the moment they start looking for businesses like yours in a search engine and land on your web site. Is the site easy to navigate, does it contain relevant, up to date information? Is it presented nicely? For example, does the presentation on some pages look a bit amateurish, with different fonts and sizes, or images not quite where they should be? In short, will it make visitors trust you enough to “act” – be it by phoning you, downloading information, completing an on-line enquiry form or placing an order?

Your web site should be an up to date statement of your business TODAY! Other media has an excuse if it goes out of date or a misprint slips through. A web site doesn’t and as a result it should be the focal point of your business and contain information that people can trust. The combinations of what a good web site can achieve are immense; it can generate leads and new business, answer frequently asked questions and provide information that users can download, thus saving admin time, postage and printing costs, and much, much more.

Although your site might tick all the boxes in terms of its professional look and logical navigation [although we can always freshen things up when needed], we do realise that it can take a lot of time to manage content properly, and are noticing an increasing number of businesses that are only finding time to do the bare minimum. In addition, they don’t always find the additional time – or have the necessary skills – to make the updates “bed in” with the style, font and size of the rest of the site. Of course, the problem is that everyone is already busy doing what they do and the web site is an additional responsibility on an already overburdened workload!

To this end, in addition to our normal hosting, support and ongoing “on tap” training/refresher calls and emails, we also provide a bureau style web site management and updating service. Kind of like “we love the jobs you hate” on a basic level, through to agreed programmes of activity that we can take on for you as and when required. This is not to be confused with the ad hoc little things that we are always happy to do for you from time to time, or the help and advice that is always available to you, it is designed to ensure that if you actually need “proper” time helping you to manage, your site, we can help.

We genuinely believe that if you – or someone in tandem with you – spend time working on your site, and regularly assess whether it’s doing what you want it to do, your business will naturally grow. WeI also realise it’s easy to stand still, especially in these hard economic times, but we can only tell you how it is! The Internet is the way forward.

If you feel you need some objective advice, practical help, things knocking into shape or just generally help managing and updating your web site, let us know. We can give your site a complete clean up and then send you a report with tips and tricks as to what to avoid doing in the future [ie why your fonts aren’t matching], or we can update content on a one-off or regular basis – we can even give your site a complete re-design and discuss adding extra features to help your business grow.

The first thing is to have a phone discussion in which we look at your site together over the web and look where things can be improved immediately, what needs attention on an ongoing basis, and make a plan.

For more information call us on 01526 352919.

February 12, 2012 12:00 am

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