The Edinburgh Yoga Club

The Edinburgh Yoga Club has been established for over 40 years.

Hatha Yoga classes are held at Meadowbank Sports Centre, and individuals are guided towards improved health and well-being through physical exercise. The courses are designed to encourage regular practice of asanas, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, each of which are geared towards having a healthy and supple body.

Hatha Yoga is also recognised as having a measurable effect on the circulation, and on the healthy functioning of the inner organs, glands and nerves, and it is never too late in life to take it up.

For more information contact:

Edinburgh Yoga Club
Mrs O. Faulds
The Edinburgh Yoga Club
17 Linn Mill
South Queensferry
EH30 9ST

T: 0131 331 2287 or 0131 657 9755

October 13, 2012 12:00 am

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