New web site editing toolbar features

We’re pleased to announce that we have rolled out a redesigned interface on our new web platform.

Th new toolbar cuts screen use to an incredibly compact 52 pixels. Plus, the new toolbar remains fixed to the top of your browser’s viewport so no matter how far you scroll down, you’ll always have instant access to its controls. The toolbar’s sleek new design gives every your website a polished, professional look in editing mode.

We’ve also reorganized the toolbar options as well. A simple toggle control on the left edge allows you to switch between website options and store options without refreshing the page. This saves you a page load when moving between store and website controls. Account controls have been moved under the new user session menu (more on that menu below).

The New Page Bar has also changed. The previous toolbar had a third tier of controls that were related to page-level editing. Those controls have now been separated out to the all-new Page Bar. The Page Bar hovers over the top right of any page you’re editing, but only when your mouse is over the page. The page bar displays the name of the current page’s template and contains the fast template switcher, the “add a page” tool, the “preview page” button, and the “page settings” tool.

On the right edge of the toolbar, you’ll see the new User Session Menu. It shows the name and image of the currently logged-in user. The image uses one’s gravatar by default (if it exists) but users can upload their own images on their user profiles as well. The User Session Menu shows custom options based on the user who is logged in. All users will see a link to edit their profile in the User Session Menu. This means that non-admin users now have the ability to update their own profile information, a brand new capability with this update.

February 21, 2012 12:00 am

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