How to Write A Good Blog Article promoting a product or service

Literally EVERY business or organisation could and should be using a blog on their website to promote products, services or forthcoming events.

Regardless of whether they are already included as a page or e-commerce product in your website, you could be adding them as a blog/news item, with a full description and photo and directing interested parties as to the action they need to take [ie call you, complete a form, order online].

Google indexes blog posts in our Cloud Hosted Web Platform [and does so very quickly] so it’s an easy way to generate interest. It really works too, or we wouldn’t continually be banging on about it!

Here are the steps and instructions for you to “write new posts” to the “Blog Element” that you see in your website, and to ensure that they are properly optimised so that they get indexed by search engines. If you are going to do this, take the time and trouble to do it properly.

On your home page [or whichever page your blog is placed on] you will see an Element called Blog. Hover over the black bit and you’ll see a drop down list appear. Choose Write New Post.

1] Think of a good title [ie: Waterproof Golf Clothing] and insert it into the Post Title
 2] Click on Advanced and insert a good description in the Description field. This is what you see under the search result in Google, so it wants to be good: [ie Waterproof Golf Clothing suppliers in Lincolnshire.]
 3] Click back to the Basic content area and insert your post content. This is where you need to really sell your item. You can just be brief or you can write a longer piece. The latter is preferable as Google like well written content, written for humans with good grammar, but in saying that, brief product info is acceptable. However, it does not want to be a straight repetition of content displayed elsewhere on your site, or Google will mark it down. For example:

"We are the largest supplier of waterproof golf clothing in Lincolnshire and sell a wide selection of leading golfing rain suit brands …."

 Where practical use relevant text [ie waterproof golf clothing] as the anchor text when making a link to a page on your main site. We'd also recommend adding contact details at the foot of each blog article. After all, you want a response!

If you click on the Image Manager in the content area panel, you can also add an image, resize it and text wrap it right or left, and can add an alt tag which Google reads. You can see our training videos for more info.

Everyone uses the Internet to search. Be proactive! 

Hope this helps!

October 20, 2012 12:00 am

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