The World Of David Hostetler

The website serves as a comprehensive portal into the world and works of David Hostetler, an esteemed sculptor renowned for his sculptures of the female form. The site offers a rich multimedia experience where visitors can watch videos, listen to interviews, and read articles about Hostetler and his art, providing deep insights into his creative process and philosophy​​.

Hostetler’s sculptures predominantly utilize indigenous hardwoods such as elm, cherry, catalpa, white oak, walnut, and maple. He also worked with exotic woods like purpleheart, ziricote, lacewood, and pink ivory, alongside his creations in bronze​​. This choice of materials highlights his dedication to the craft and his ability to bring out the innate beauty of different woods and metals in his sculptures.

A defining quote from Hostetler on the website captures his artistic ethos: “Woman to me is the ideal form, erotic yet pure, compositionary variable, yet identical every time”​​. This statement reflects his lifelong fascination and respect for the female form, which is vividly expressed through his sculptures.

The website also keeps visitors updated on current events and exhibitions involving Hostetler’s work. For instance, as of 2023, Boccara Arts of Palm Beach exhibited Hostetler’s sculptures at Art Miami, part of Art Basel, showcasing the enduring appeal and relevance of his work in contemporary art circles​​.

Overall, is not just a tribute to Hostetler’s legacy but an active platform that continues to promote and celebrate his artistic contributions.

The Hostetler Gallery

The Hostetler Gallery, accessible at, presents an eclectic and rich collection of art, encompassing sculpture, paintings, photography, and fine art prints. It operates by private appointments during winter in Athens, Ohio, and features an array of artists including Donna Isham and Mohamed Yakub, in addition to works by David Hostetler himself​​.

The gallery showcases a diverse array of artistic expressions. Notably, Hostetler’s own sculptures were exhibited at Art Miami, hosted by Boccara Arts of Palm Beach, reflecting the continued relevance and admiration for his work in the contemporary art scene​​.

David Hostetler’s artistic philosophy, which significantly influences the gallery’s collection, is encapsulated in his quote: “Woman to me is the ideal form, erotic yet pure, compositionary variable, yet identical every time”​​. This philosophy highlights the gallery’s focus on celebrating the beauty and complexity of the female form, a central theme in Hostetler’s work.

Overall, the Hostetler Gallery represents a fusion of various art forms and styles, all linked by the common thread of Hostetler’s artistic vision and legacy.

December 3, 2023 10:40 am

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