Would you buy from Business A or Business B?

Are you Business A or B?

Business A
Has a responsive, mobile friendly website which looks professional, is up to date, is easily found via search engines, and can easily edited by in house staff without any real technical knowledge. Their website is easy to navigate, the content is well written, and explains who they are, what they do, and provides a clear call to action, be it to buy online or contact them. They are proud to direct potential customers to their site. It builds confidence.

Business B
Has an old site that doesn’t look very friendly on a mobile. It doesn’t look very professional at all – in fact it looks amateurish. It is not found easily via search engines, and it is out of date because it is not easy to manage, and they have to pay someone else to update content when it really becomes necessary. The site contains grammatical and spelling errors, and it doesn’t really tell the potential customer anything about them or what they want them to do! They are embarrassed to direct potential customers to their site. It erodes confidence.

If you were the customer, would you buy from Business A or Business B?

In terms of your own business, are you closer to Business A or Business B? Be honest!

If the answer is business B, get your head out the sand and do something about it. Preferably NOW!  The Internet is crucial to your business and every day you delay, you are costing yourself business.

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August 12, 2013 12:00 am

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