Content Management: Everything you need to edit your own web site

Our fully managed WordPress hosting platform enables us to create really elegant looking web sites, that are clean looking, easy to navigate and which work across all types of browser, tablet computer or smartphone – which is now essential. 

Whereas other systems say they are easy to use but in practice are not, the plugins, functions and features we integrate are designed to work just like you think they should! The platform provides a complete “what you see is what you get” experience and can be edited from any device connected to the Internet.

You can add and edit text, create links to other web pages, add and edit images, upload documents, and embed content from popular services like YouTube, Google Maps and other applications. You can drag and drop images wherever you want them and the system will even automatically size your images for you into a beautiful looking display. There are lots of different layouts, including slideshow mode. Even creating forms is easy and there is even a built in blog.

In addition, unlike other content management systems, e-commerce is pre-built into the system using WooCommerce so is ready to use whenever you want to take that step! The Product Listing Element lets you quickly set up products on your pages, or can be easily imported and uploaded from a spreadsheet too. It’s easy to intregrate payment providers like Paypal and Stripe too.

The platform also has some great search engine optimisation tools built into it that will boost your rankings and positions.

After we’ve built and designed your site, you’re in control, with us here in the background whenever you need us. It is incredibly easy to use and we’ll show you how to add content and generally manage your site in “bite sized” training sessions over the phone or via video conferencing tools like Zoom or Skype.

Key Features

  • Easy to add text by copying and pasting from Word, Excel and other applications, or to just simply type in what you want to say
  • Easy to add images and display amongst text
  • Easy to embed code to display videos, maps, weather etc in an integrated fashion
  • Easy to upload and integrate PDFs
  • Easy to add images and display in slideshows and photo galleries
  • Comprehensive Site Statistics
  • Easy to create password protected areas
  • Easy to add products and start selling products online