Ongoing Support – Giving you what YOU need

In hosting and managing around 300 websites, we’re aware of the kind of help – ie the REAL, GENUINE, type of help – that clients really do want from us, and we try and focus our support services on doing exactly that.

Making sure your website is well maintained is only part of it. We also need to be on hand to provide objective advice and make you aware of things that might have an impact on your business or be of benefit either now or in the future. The idea is not to overwhelm you with a mass of ideas, but to slowly help you evolve and develop your website and use of the Internet generally from the firm foundations we have put in place.

Once we have implemented everything that needs doing and added some initial content, we can either train and monitor you so you maintain the good habits we have put in place, or we can get more proactively involved in co-managing your website and marketing related activities for you on a regular or ad hoc basis. For example, helping you to set up PPC campaigns via Google or Facebook, or coming up with other (hopefully!) innovative ideas.

The WordPress editing interface makes it very easy to make basic updates, but we are well aware that editing content is not everyone’s field of expertise – and most people are already overly busy doing what they currently do. Whilst some clients want to be able to update certain things themselves, others really much prefer it if everything else is handled for them.

Your website has to always looks good and be up to date, and it does take time (and patience!) to resize and crop images, format or links, and to generally make things look neat. The facts are (unsurprisingly!) that websites we co-manage with/for clients are tidier and more up to date than those that are self managed. They are found easier via search engines, the content is always up to date and neatly presented, and there is a logical flow through each site, culminating in the appropriate call to action (call, buy now, complete a form etc).

It also means that if you manage your own content in the future you’ll be doing so from a firm foundation and we’ll monitor you to ensure the good habits we have put in place are maintained. At the appropriate time, we’ll have a session or two over Zoom or by phone and give you a step by step guide. It’s best to learn in bite sized chunks when you actually need to do something.

We try and adopt a common sense approach and only charge extra for anything that’s going to take up a genuine block of time, or needs to be done regularly, or which incurs extra cost for us. Our normal rate is £45 plus VAT per hour. We’re aware that budgets are tight and no one really wants to spend more than they have to, but the key thing is that the things that have to be done, do actually get done thoroughly and properly. If you do need help, we wouldn’t be doing you (or ourselves) any favours if we skimped on them.

Once we’ve understood what your regular needs are going to be, we can provide a cost for doing updates for you in the future, but if they are easy and quick we normally don’t anything charge extra.

You can simply treat us like your own bureau style website assistants. For the areas that you really do want to update yourself, we can understand exactly what you want to do, and then give you step by step instructions to do it, with us here to monitor you. The only important thing is that the things that have to be done, do actually get done!