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We are aware that a lot of businesses simply are not doing enough to get their website ranked highly and to generate more visitors. The main reasons are that they don’t understand it, they don’t know what to do – or they don’t even know where to start.

For example, although most people have heard of the term “seo optimisation” and have a vague idea that it relates to being found via various search terms, they – quite understandably – don’t know what Google is looking for or how to set this up properly. They certainly don’t know that they can get Google to perform reports on their website – and competitors! – and use this data to maximise optimisation. We think the best thing to do is to explain everything in simple terms, and try and de-mystify the whole process as much as we can. The more informed you are the better, but that doesn’t mean you then have to become an expert yourself.

We explain how Google “works” – what it perceives as being important. We then explain how your website could be improved to rank higher and to get more visitors, along with how we do this and the timescales involved.

Once we have conducted some initial research you can then see for yourself how your website ranks at present, what needs to be done to improve it, and what benefits and results you should see within the next few months if you take this on board.

The bottom line is that Google’s guidelines and algorithms – ie the factors they use to rank your website – are continually evolving. If you are to rank higher, get more visitors and increase conversion rates, you have to start to proactively marketing your website more than at present. Everything is more competitive. More and more websites get launched. It’s harder to make sure you are noticed than before. The good news is that with the right research and action you can rank higher.

Everyone has got used to browsing for everything they want to know about online. They expect to find the sort of site they are looking for quite easily using simple keywords. They expect the results they see in Google to contain a relevant title and description, so that they know what to expect when they click on a link, and they expect the website to be well presented, up to date and to contain information that they can rely on. Google’s tools continually adapt, improve and refine how search results are delivered.

We realise that it’s very easy to get lost in technical jargon that leaves you baffled. We also realise that you – along with everyone else! – get spam type emails on an almost daily basis from people you’ve never heard of saying they can do this that and the other to boost your website. We also realise that you get individually approached by large/bespoke marketing agencies who want you to commit to a long term contract, starting with a sizeable set up fee, astronomical monthly retainers, and extra charges for ad campaigns and other services. They tend to mention all the other large clients they have but don’t go into detail about what they can actually do for YOU.

We also know that some of these large agencies will leave you scratching your head at how they can charge a huge set up fee and then large monthly retainers, combined with a minimum contract of 12 months. Yes, there are a lot of manual hours involved but our working methods are more logical. We only need a few months before you see tangible results, and have never felt comfortable strapping people into a long term contract. It seems more logical to give it a go for an initial period and then when you start to see results we can either refine, carry on or pause things. No one wants to be trapped in an unhappy marriage, and this way we can find the right balance between the action that we suggest taking, the hours we devote to it, the results you expect and the budget you have available.

We also believe it is essential to explain things in “plain English” so you understand what needs to be done – and why, what the benefits are, and what the results will be. Our intention is to focus on what really matters, and strip out as much of the irrelevant stuff as possible, whilst making sure that what needs to be done, is done. The timescales and budget involved may differ for each business we work with, but the overall objectives are the same.

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December 6, 2023 2:58 pm

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