The Cloud Hosted Office

With more people browsing the Internet using tablets and smartphones than desktop computers, it is essential that your website is responsive and mobile friendly for whatever browser or device it is being viewed by. If it isn’t, around 50% of your potential audience will not be able to use your website – a figure that will rise higher and faster as browsing habits continue to change. Furthermore, as Google prides itself in delivering results that satisfy its user base, they naturally rank responsive designs higher too, amongst the many other algorithms that deliver their results.

The advances in mobile browsing (combined with better broadband speeds) are changing the way we all work, and the Internet is moving towards the concept of a Cloud Hosted Office that you and your staff can access from anywhere. The Internet is the future. Every business should embrace it, not fight it.

IWM provide what we (and over 200,00 users around the world) consider to be the best cloud hosted web platform available on the Internet.

It’s perfect for businesses of every type and size, reliable, easy to use and very cost effective. It includes:

  • Cloud Hosted Website with easy to use content management system and unlimited pages.
  • Ecommerce with unlimited products (you just need a Paypal, Stripe or Authorize.Net account to take credit card payments).
  • Secure Intranet with unlimited users and data storage which you and your staff can access from anywhere to share data or collaborate on projects from different locations. You can set up Member areas and give them read or write access to their own pages too. It also enables you to create dynamic online presentations, rather than the old fashioned type of approach.
  • FREE 14 Day Trial – and even when the trial is over, you don’t start paying until you are ready to open your site. There’s no minimum contract either.

It costs £29 plus VAT per month (or £295 plus VAT pa) and includes everything. There’s nothing more to pay unless you need our help creating a design, or unless you require a more bespoke support package.

We supply a default responsive design, access to others in a gallery you can choose from, or an option for you to amend these or to upload your own. Or, we can build your website or intranet structure for you, create your site structure with a logical navigation menu, add some initial pages and content, perform some basic optimisation of your site for the search engines, and then show you how to carry on the process. Production and set up costs start from as little as £350 plus VAT.

The content management system is easy to use and most clients are self sufficient after a couple of bite sized training sessions over the phone. We’ll also provide ongoing support as you need it, and being cloud hosted, all platform maintenance, upgrades and new features are centrally managed by us, leaving you free to just manage your content.

We can also host domains, and provide cloud hosted email, cloud hosted backup and site marketing set up services too. The best starting point is to have a read through our website at It covers all the key steps involved in establishing a successful website, and directs you towards practical solutions. You’ll see loads of examples of responsive designs too. Click on the various links to read more, and then call us on 01526 352919 or complete our online enquiry form giving us as much detail as possible (the more info you give us, the more we can help you) and we’ll get back to you.

“IWM specialise in helping small businesses to either establish their first website, or to improve an existing website that’s not performing to its true potential. Call us on 01526 352919, or Read More >”

March 31, 2014 12:00 am

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