Putt In The Park: London’s Mini Golf Experience

Putt in the Park is a unique mini-golfing experience that has carved a niche for itself in the hearts of Londoners and visitors alike. Over nine years, it has expanded to five picturesque locations across London and Essex, bringing thousands of rounds of mini-golf play to enthusiasts of all ages​​. The courses are strategically placed in scenic parks, ensuring that each game is surrounded by beauty and tranquility. This setting makes it an excellent choice not just for families and social gatherings but also for corporate events and seasonal celebrations​​.

Each location, whether it be the original 12-hole course nestled under the trees in Wandsworth Park or the charming course in the heart of Battersea Park, offers a distinctive playing experience. These courses are designed with the idea that whether one is a mini-golf veteran or a first-timer, there is enjoyment to be had by all. Notably, the Battersea Park course, with its winding slopes, cascades, and rockeries, offers a particularly enchanting experience​​​​.

In addition to the pleasure of the game itself, Putt in the Park takes pride in its clubhouse offerings. After a round or two, players can enjoy a variety of refreshments including traditional Neapolitan pizza, light bites, and a selection of beverages from crisp beers to gin, served on tap​​​​. For those seeking to host events, there are enticing packages available that provide not just the game but also food, drinks, and reserved areas, catering to occasions such as Christmas parties, children’s parties, weddings, and corporate team-building activities​​.

For families with young children, it’s worth noting that kids under three years of age can play for free, making it an even more family-friendly destination​​. To further enhance the experience, Putt in the Park offers a 10% discount to new sign-ups for their email communications, applicable to purchases made in-venue​​.

The venues and their offerings are summarized as follows:

  • Putt in the Park Wandsworth: Wandsworth Park, London, offering a café and the original 12-hole mini-golf course​​.
  • Putt in the Park Battersea: Situated in Battersea Park, London, featuring a course that accommodates all ages with challenging and engaging designs​​.
  • Putt in the Park Acton: Located in Acton Park, London, part of the diverse array of courses offered by Putt in the Park​​.
  • Putt in the Park Colchester: Set in Upper Bowling Green, Castle Park, Colchester, Essex, this venue adds to the variety of locations available for play​​.
  • Putt in the Park Gunnersbury: Found in Gunnersbury Park, London, it is another option for those looking to engage in mini-golfing fun in a picturesque setting​​.

As for practical information, booking a game in advance online is compulsory, and there are guidelines to ensure a smooth experience such as a maximum group size and adult supervision requirements for younger children​​. For those who wish to have exclusive use of a course, options range from one-hour slots to full days, with quotations provided upon request​​.

In essence, Putt in the Park offers a comprehensive mini-golf experience that combines sport, leisure, and dining in some of London and Essex’s most beautiful parks, proving that mini-golf is not just a game but a full-fledged leisure activity suitable for all occasions.

For more information visit www.puttinthepark.com

November 28, 2023 8:01 am

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