"I know my current website isn't performing but …."

We provide a website set up, hosting and management service specifically for small businesses who either need help setting up their first website, or who have an existing site that’s not fulfilling its potential. It’s centred round understanding objectives and getting results, as that’s what we are judged on.

We’ve been doing this for 20 years and we work with hundreds of businesses.

What frustrates us most of all? The small percentage that we speak to who miss the point and just don’t open their minds to what they are missing out on. Even though they admit they have a poor website, which isn’t getting visitors, enquiries or sales, they’d still prefer to plough on regardless. It’s as if they think that magically the website will suddenly do all the things they originally hoped it would without them changing a thing. It won’t!

They say things like:
“But I like the way my current site looks”. It doesn’t matter how pretty it looks if it’s not actually working for you.
“I’ve only just spent money on my website”. Yes, but if it is not working, you need to do something about it and the quicker the better. If that means paying someone to fix it, get on with it!
“I got a friend to do it and it would upset them if I suddenly ditched them”. So, your business plan is centred around not upsetting a friend?
“It doesn’t cost me very much to run my website”. Yes, but it’s not working for you is it?
*I know my website isn’t mobile friendly but we don’t think it matters”. It does! Over half the world’s users browse via mobiles, and Google ranks responsive sites higher.
“I know my current website isn’t performing but I just don’t want to change anything right now”. Your current website will never do more than it is currently doing!
“We don’t think our website is that important” What! A successful website is essential to the success of nearly every business these days.

Yes, we know our answers are often blunt, edged with sarcasm and may offend some, but they are (generally speaking) true. We could paraphrase this into “I know my website is rubbish and no one can find it. I know it looks amateurish and is out of date. I know it’s hard to navigate and things don’t work properly. I know it’s not generating sufficient enquiries or sales. I know it’s crucial to my business. But I don’t care!”

If you ARE on top of your own website, and one of your competitors has this kind of attitude, lucky you! That’s one less to have to compete against!

However, if you are aware that your website is not performing consider this: If we set up a website of our own mirroring what you do in order to try and “compete” with you and your business, our site would get more visitors and more enquiries. We’d probably even be able to turn some of them into “sales” even with our limited expertise, but of course we wouldn’t have your expertise to actually service them, or your long term customer goodwill built up over years.

But if we used our methods to build YOUR website presence FOR YOUR BUSINESS, you’d see the benefits yourself within weeks. It wouldn’t cost a lot of money (and in fact would probably make immediate cost efficient savings through increased sales and improved efficiency), and we’d even do it on our unique “No Obligation” basis, which would mean you wouldn’t have to pay anything until your new website was up and running.

The only thing that should matter to you is whether your current website is actually performing for you. If it’s not, you are making life more difficult for yourself than it should be, and it is (normally) easily fixed. At some point you will need to address it, so why wait. Nothing is going to get better until you do.

Go to www.web-marketing.co.uk/no-obligation for more information and contact us, WITHOUT OBLIGATION, if you want better results from your website. If we can help you, we’ll do so.

T: 01526 352919
E: no-obligation@web-marketing.co.uk.

March 18, 2015 12:00 am

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