Cost Effective, Bureau Style Web Site Services For Small Businesses

Nowadays, no business can succeed without using the Internet. You use email to communicate and your web site to promote your business and/or provide information. First impressions are vital. Potential customers start “judging” you from the moment they land on your web site. Your web site is the on-line face of your organisation and it should be an up to date statement of your business as it stands TODAY!

Independent Web Marketing has been helping businesses of every type and size to use the Internet since 1996. We provide a low cost “bureau style” web site support service specifically for small/medium sized businesses. It includes all the key fundamentals required to ensure that your web site is doing everything that it should be doing to really get the best out of the Internet.

  • We provide objective advice and practical help
  • We help you to choose the right domain name.
  • We host your domain for you and ensure you use your domain e-mail addresses correctly.
  • We create your initial site for you from information you supply using an easy to use content management system so you can update your own web site yourself. NB: If you already have a web site but it is not performing, we can restructure and migrate it into our content management system.
  • We help you to market your site and optimise it for the search engines.
  • We provide ongoing training and technical support “on tap” – and a human answers the phone!
  • Our products are first class and highly reliable.

A web site can consist of just a few pages [or even just one page!], but it still needs to be professional looking, easy to navigate, and contain relevant, up to date information that generates enquiries and revenue as well as saving admin time, printing and postage. It needs to be found through search engines, and it needs to be easy for you to update the bits that you want to, and easy to build on to and re-navigate as the site develops.

Visitors need to be able to trust the information on the site and expect to see it presented tidily and professionally in a logical, easy to use fashion. Although every business and their needs are slightly different – and thus should be quoted for individually – we provide a starter package specifically for small businesses:

£150 plus VAT per annum for domain hosting to include a 3 page web site and £30 plus VAT per annum for each cloud hosted mailbox. We charge from as little £100 plus VAT to create your site and show you how to add content.*

If you have not already registered a domain, we can do so for you for an additional cost of £15 plus VAT per annum for a [min reg period 2 years].

Costs also include:
Submission to search engines
Training and support

*Production/hosting costs will vary if you require a more bespoke site, require more pages or need us to take a more active role in managing your site.

Our web site is a mine of useful information and we try and practice what we preach by keeping it up to date. Our content management systems are incredibly easy to use and most people are able to make basic changes to existing pages within minutes with no prior or special web updating skills. You just sign in, go to the page you want to edit, make your changes and hit “save”.

We provide an on-line training manual and video instruction.

Complete our online enquiry form, or give us a ring on 01526 352919 if you want to talk. Objective advice is free and there is no obligation to proceed with us.

February 12, 2012 12:00 am

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