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Bill Asprey is a renowned British cartoonist known for his unique and heartwarming works in the world of daily gag comics. His career in cartooning is marked by notable works such as “Love Is…”, “Moebius”, “Wheel Nuts”, “Only Human”, “Pooch”, and “Bees”.

One of his most significant contributions to the cartooning world is his work on Kim Casali’s ” Love is… is written and drawn by Bill Asprey…” series.

Asprey was chosen by Casali and her husband in 1975 to continue the daily panels of this beloved series after Casali’s husband became terminally ill. Asprey has been drawing these panels for over 45 years, maintaining the charm and simplicity that define the “Love Is…” series.

Another significant work by Asprey is his adaptation of Roald Dahl’s “The Big Friendly Giant” (The BFG) into a comic strip. This adaptation began in 1986 for the UK’s Mail on Sunday comics section. Initially a direct adaptation, the series continued with new scripts written by journalist Brian Lee and approved by Dahl, allowing the comic strip to flourish and reach a wide audience over its 14-year run.

Asprey’s artistic journey began at an early age, with him sketching and modelling in plasticine from the age of four. Despite having no formal art training, he served an apprenticeship in a London studio with other cartoonists and illustrators, which laid the foundation for his successful career. He has contributed to most major UK publications, creating thousands of cartoons and comic strips, often under his pseudonym “Leon” as well as his own name.

His work is not limited to cartoons and comic strips; Asprey has also ventured into other areas, such as designing a commemorative gift pack for the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and being involved in the concept for Vinopolis, a wine experience in London. He has also drawn under contract for Playboy Publications Inc. and created designs for Charles Wells Bedford Brewery.

Asprey’s commitment to the cartooning world extends beyond his own creations. He is the founder of Cartoon World and the Cartoon World Foundation, which aims to preserve and share his extensive collection of cartoon and illustration art. This foundation is dedicated to making his and other artists’ work more accessible through exhibitions and an online archive.

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