Coronavirus information for IWM clients

These are extraordinary times.

For most businesses this is like a mini ice age, albeit one that hopefully only lasts a few months. Our aim is to support you and be on hand to provide any and every assistance we can. And if we all pull together and help each other as much as we can, most of us will be OK.

Working From Home

All our services are cloud hosted and reliable, and all our staff work remotely from their homes. If your staff are able to work remotely from home, we can help you set up a complete “Cloud Hosted Office” so that you and your staff can makes calls, send/receive emails, access folders and files, make telephone calls via an Internet phone system (complete with switchboard), and set up video conferences if you need to have meetings with staff and customers. We can help you set all or any of these services by remotely accessing your computers, and are on hand to provide training and support.

Costs vary depending on your particular needs and the time involved in setting it up, but the various services involved can be charged monthly and then cancelled when things go back to normal – or whatever the new normal turns out to be. We will help you do all this as quickly as we can, but we can only set up several “Cloud Hosted Offices” at a time.

Health & Welfare Policy relating to Coronavirus

We also realise that you may wish to notify your customers of your Health & Welfare Policy relating to Coronavirus. This is particularly relevant if customers visit your sites or premises, or at least enables you to notify your customers of any changes in your way of doing business during this difficult time, or of issues beyond your control with sending orders out.

We have created several template documents that cover a number of key factors, and if you’d like one of these, or would like help editing it for your particular needs, let us know.

A typical example can be seen at

Whatever it is, we’ll help you if you need it.

A Special Message For Our Clients in Retail

If you have customers who visit your premises (ie shop, hairdresser, restaurant etc), and there are ways that you could continue to do business, let us know.

In Conclusion

We are all going to have to become more realistic for a short while at least. The key thing is how we all adapt and work together. The only consolation is that everyone is in the same boat, and we should all realise that the normal chain of supply/demand/delivery/pricing/low season/high season/meetings/events and everything else you can think of will affect you and everyone you know.

Whilst we don’t know how long it will take, this virus has a curve. It will end.

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