Domain Hosting

Once a domain is registered, it needs to point to nameservers connected to the Internet in order for your domain’s A Records [website] and MX Records [email] to work. We use the most reliable platforms to ensure your web, email and backup services are always online, so your business is always “open” 24/7.

Domains and DNS Settings

It’s all very well talking about websites and email, but none of this is possible without being able to easily manage your domain’s DNS settings, A records [for websites] and MX records [for email]. This is a minefield if you are a non techie, so we normally handle it for you. In simple terms though:

 If your domain is hosted elsewhere, you already manage your own email [and want it to stay as it is], and you’d just like us to host your website, you point your A records [the website bit of your domain] to and you simply pay the web hosting costs. Your email carries on as it is now.

If your domain is hosted elsewhere and you’d just like us to host your mailboxes, you point your mx records to: [preference 10] and [preference 20], and you simply pay the mailbox costs. Your website carries on as it is now.

We’ll then be responsible for managing your email and website settings.

 If you already have a domain, but would like to transfer it to our control panel so we can manage your domain renewals, or if you’d like us to register a domain for you, let us know.

Domain, Hosting, Management & Support

On a basic level we charge £25 plus VAT pa for basic DNS hosting, but most clients subscribe to our standard domain hosting service at £150 plus VAT, as it includes domain hosting and access to our “ad hoc” support service.