Choosing the Right Domain

Choosing the right domain name for your business is vital. From now on, you will be promoting this via your web site, email, letterheads, business cards, advertising and any other mediums you use. It’s permanent, and you own it. If you’ve already registered your domain, you should have access to a control panel to manage your DNS, and simply switch your hosting over to us at the appropriate time.

Domain Registration

If you’d like help choosing a domain, and would like us to register it for you, please contact us. We charge £19 plus VAT per annum [min reg period 2 years] to register a domain, and £24 plus VAT per annum [min reg period 2 years] for a .com.

You can also register your own domain, but if you don’t know what you are doing with regard to Nameservers, MX Records and A Records, it is a false saving because someone [usually us!] would then have to access your panel and make the necessary adjustments for you. If you’ve already registered a domain, you can continue to manage it where it is, or transfer it over to our panel, and we’ll manage your DNS for you. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, we’ll explain it when we speak!