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DNS Hosting: £25 pa



You can mange your own DNS and point your A and MX records to the appropriate places, in which case you do NOT need this service, or we can manage this for you, in which case you do!

Website A Records
If you already have your own domain and email operational, and just want to amend your website hosting, at the appropriate time access your DNS panel and point your domain's A records [both www and @] to our IP number:

Email MX records
If you'd like us to host your email, we can also provide cloud hosted mailboxes with 25GB storage, spam and virus protection at £30 plus VAT per annum each. You can login to your mailbox online, or set it up as an IMAP account so it synchs with your computers and devices. We assume you have your own domain, and at the appropriate time you should point your domain's MX records to mx1.emailsrvr.com and mx2.emailsrvr.com.

Domain Registrations and Transfers
If you don't already have a domain, we will register a .co.uk domain for you for £15 plus VAT per annum. If you do, but would like us to manage it for you, you can change your nameservers to:

and add DNS Hosting to your cart.