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  • Day of the Dead Moon Part 3 MP3 Download

Day of the Dead Moon Part 3 MP3 Download



Chelmsford's story and the events at Fugitives' Drift.

Frederick Augustus Thesiger, 2nd Baron Chelmsford, was the Lieutenant-General commanding the British forces in South Africa at the time of the battle of Isandlwana. Blamed by many as the man responsible for the disaster, this is the story of his movements during the course of the battle, and of those fleeing the carnage at Isandlwana who tried to reach the safety of the Natal bank of the Buffalo River along a broken and precipitous piece of ground, to a crossing which subsequently became known as the Fugitives' Drift. It was here that Lieutenants T Melvill and NJA Coghill lost their lives trying to save the Queen's Colour of the 1.24th Regiment. Both were awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously, the very first ever to receive such honour. This is the gripping tale of these events.