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Why Your Golf Club needs a responsive, mobile friendly website

A good website is now more important for your golf club than anyone ever dreamed it would ever be! If used correctly, it should pay for itself many times over by generating revenue from visitors (be it random fourballs, societies or corporate golf days), new members (via application forms), open events (entry forms), and even use of the club's facilities for special events such as weddings or business seminars. In addition to being your most important marketing tool, it should also save you admin time, printing and postage by providing up to date, easy accessible information that both visitors and members need.

Suffolk Golf UnionFirst impressions are vital. A clean, easy to navigate website containing up to date information builds confidence in your "product". It automatically conveys the impression that your course is in great condition with well manicured greens, and the promise of a friendly welcome with great facilities and high standards of catering. A poor website conveys the exact opposite. It just does!

Until now it has been sufficient for a golf club to have a website that's best viewed on a desktop computer and which works and looks the same across all browsers [Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome etc]. However, when viewed on a tablet device [ie iPad] or smartphone [ie iPhone or Blackberry], these kind of sites just looks like smaller versions with exactly the same navigation style. On a small smartphone screen, this often makes it impractical to use as the navigation and text is too small and fiddly. This is now crucial, as more people now browse the Internet using a mobile than a desktop computer, and if your website is not responsive/mobile friendly [ie it delivers a version of your website properly optimised for whatever device it is being viewed by], they will not be able to navigate or read content on your website properly.

A responsive, mobile friendly site is designed in such a way that it "knows" what type of device [ie desktop computer, tablet or smartphone] it is being viewed by, and automatically delivers a version of the site optimised for that particular device [for example by putting the navigation as a list underneath the page content on a mobile, whilst being across the top in conventional style for a desktop computer]. If it can't be properly navigated and read using a tablet and smartphone, visitors using one of these devices won't stay on your site. Furthermore, to reflect this change in browsing behaviour, Google are starting to rank sites down that are not responsive, and marking sites up that are, so you'll get fewer and fewer visitors anyway.
 IWM will set up a responsive, mobile friendly site for your golf club that you can edit yourself without any technical knowledge or specialist software. You choose whether you want a basic, standard or individual design, and how many pages you need. We deliver your site in your club colours with pre-populated pages, and host it for you on our robust cloud hosted web platform which includes the easiest to use content management available on the Internet. We can normally set a basic or standard site up within a few days, and then help you add content and provide ongoing training and support as required.
 Golf Club Web Services Rates
(Effective May 2017)

Initial Production Options (One-Off)
Basic Responsive Template Supplied (use as is, or make your own amends or upload your own design): FREE
  Basic Responsive Website Design & Set Up Service (amended by us to suit your needs, initial content upload, seo and training): £350 plus VAT
  Standard Responsive Website Design & Set Up Service (extra design features and amended by us to suit your needs, initial content upload, seo and training): £475 plus VAT
  Bespoke Responsive Website Design (created by us to your spec with bespoke features, initial content upload, seo and training): from £1,000 plus VAT

Web Platform Hosting & Management (Monthly or Annual)
Up to 3 Pages (does NOT include E-Commerce or site stats): FREE
  Unlimited Pages with E-Commerce (basic support): £29 plus VAT pm (or £315 plus VAT pa)
  Unlimited pages with E-Commerce (managed support): £50 plus VAT pm (or £500 plus VAT pa)

You can have any of the above combinations of production costs and pages. All options include creation of responsive design with header image/logo, contact footer details. For most clubs, the Standard Design at £475 plus VAT should be sufficient, and you'd probably only need the £29 plus VAT per month plan with basic support. The set up cost includes creating and populating up to 5 pages of your site with initial content (we adopt a "fair play" policy - it can't be unlimited!), ready for you to add more pages and your own text, images, news, products and other content.

The Platform includes an intuitive, content management system that makes it easy to edit or add text, images, slideshows/albums, blogs/news, files, forms and products to your site. It also includes built-in search engine optimisation tools that make it easy to get indexed and found via Google and other engines. E-commerce is included as standard in all plans - all you need is a Paypal or Stripe account to take payments online by credit card, and these can normally be set up on a "same day" basis.

We provide initial training on adding content and optimising your pages in bite sized lessons over the phone and by email.

 For more information call 01526 352919.