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The New .Club Domain Name Extension And Why Golf Clubs Need A Responsive, Mobile Friendly Website

When we started looking after the English Golf Union's (as they were then!) website in the 1990's, one of the big things we tried to get across to clubs was the importance of registering a domain and using the email and web addresses associated with it. You own it and thus it's a permanent.

Yet today, hundreds of golf clubs still do not have a domain, or are not using their domain correctly. If you already have a domain and are not using an email address associated with your domain, you really should do!

The New .Club Domain Name Extension
You may or may not be aware, but the new .club domain extension has just been released, meaning that you could now register "www.yournamegolf.club", either as a primary domain name or as a secondary name that forwards to your current website address. We don't normally encourage clubs to register multiple variations of their domain, but this is an exception. It's not only shorter, but most importantly it brands you as a CLUB and is easier for people to search for you online. And it protects your "brand" from being registered by someone else.

You don’t need to change anything. You'd still use your existing domain but would now also have a new .club domain. It only costs £20 plus VAT pa (payable every 2 years) and includes re-direction to your existing website address.

See www.web-marketing.co.uk/the-new-club-domain-extension.

Why You Need A responsive, Mobile Friendly Website You Can Update Yourself
The growth in mobile browsing means that a responsive, mobile friendly website is essential for every golf club. We specialise in helping small businesses to either establish their first website, or improve an existing website that's not performing to its true potential, and have adapted a slight variation of our standard "Small Business" service specifically for Golf Clubs.

Our low cost website set up service for golf clubs covers all the key fundamentals involved in establishing and managing a website.

We can set up a responsive website for you that you can update yourself from as little as £350 plus VAT, and you pay £29 pm (or £295 pa) plus VAT for web hosting on our award winning LightCMS cloud hosted web platform with easy to use content management system, e-commerce, unlimited pages and a secure intranet, which is ideal for password protected members areas.

This low cost set up option might not suit you if you require something more bespoke or have lots of pages and want us to upload/migrate them, but it's a basis for discussion. We manage and host lots of larger sites too, including a number of Golf Unions.

See Page 1: www.web-marketing.co.uk/golf-clubs.
See page 2: www.web-marketing.co.uk/low-cost-responsive-mobile-friendly-websites-for-golf-clubs.

If you want to register your domain name or want to talk about having a responsive, mobile friendly website that you can update yourself, please call us on 01526 352919. Objective advice is FREE!

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